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14 years ago I set up the tourism Sales & Marketing agency, Small World Marketing, which specialises in promoting hotels & safari lodges throughout Africa. Sustainability has always been part of the SWM ethos and a large focus of our work is to help facilitate our clients on their sustainability journey.

Having also been on the board of Atta (African Travel & Tourism Association) for 12 years I have been privileged to witness first-hand how, in our sector, there is a valued heritage of tourism organisations working collaboratively and imaginatively with wider community charities and NGOs to pursue the common goals of social, environmental and economic health, sustainability and resilience.

This has obviously been thrown into sharp focus during this current global crisis. Whilst we are only too aware of the desperate risk to communities and conservation, there have also been incredible inspiring examples of organisations digging deep to ensure the protection of all those things so important to us in terms of 'people' and 'planet'.  Close to our hearts, I have been extremely inspired by our Small World Marketing clients' incredible support for their communities and staff during this very challenging time.

I felt it was time to think how best Small World Marketing could do its small part to contribute. So I have set up Small World-One World, which is an entirely separate, not-for-profit initiative.  The inaugural project is to sell masks & Africa-inspired products online and channel 100% of the profits back to projects that our clients are working alongside.


However this is just the beginning. The plan is to expand on this and create a number of initiatives and fund-raising opportunities which hopefully can benefit from our knowledge and connections to help generate support for vital third-sector projects on an ongoing basis. 


We are only at the start of our Small World-One World journey - but I very much hope you will join us along the way!

Anita Powell, Founder

Anita Powell
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